Shola artists

Stories about the origin of the Malakar community abound. According to Brahma Vaivarta Purana, the first Malakar was the progeny of God Viswakarma and Ghritachi, a cursed Gopi girl. In the Brihad Dharma Purana, the Malakars are referred to as the descendants of a Brahmin man and Vaisya woman. Another belief states that due to the sudden appearance of Lord Krishna, the Brahmins finding nothing else, made a garland of Shola and gifted it to Krishna who wrapped it around his waist as a ‘Janeyu’(sacred thread). However, the majority of the Malakars worship Shiva as they often imagine themselves to be the descendants of the God.

Shola art

Traditional: The traditional ornamentation of the idols is done using Shola. Clusters of Shola ornament maker are found throughout Bengal.

Ritualistic: The Rituals in Bengal have a strong connection with Shola. Products like Manashar Bhura, Laxmi Jhara, Topors (wedding headgears), Kodoms all are made out of Shola.

Contemporary: Mementoes, gift items, replica models makes the modern market. Sholapith Flowers work as modern home decoration keeping the tradition of decoration with flowers intact.